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XTR Clutch

Xtr0812 1b

New mid to higher load rope holding


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Product Info

  • XTR Mk2 featuring new handle and cassette for improved feel and power
  • Superb mid load holding performance
  • Unique Reactor Cam technology - linked base and cam react together in one self contained module
  • ‘Reactive Clutching’ - line holding is consistent and fast across the full diameter range - release is smooth and progressive for maximum control
  • Significant rope holding improvement on the latest small diameter rope types 
  • Ultra lightweight alloy/composite construction
  • New handle offer improved feel and confidence in operation
  • Improved mechanism geometry boosts clutching power and reduces 'take up'
  • Reactor cam module is easily removed, for on deck cleaning and servicing
  • Single units only
  • Side mount versions available
  • One person installation either top mounted or through bolted
  • Available in Black, Silver, White, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow



Lines 8-12mm (5/16'-1/2')

Loads upto 1000kgs (2200lbs)

Side Mounting

Side mounting is usually the neatest solution for spars, side decks and coamings

Weights & Fasteners


XTR Single - 340g (12oz)


XTR Single - 2 x M8 (5/16") HEX Head (not supplied)

Load Graph

Xtr graph for web 01

Design your XTR Clutch

Xtr0812 1b
Xtr0812 1w
Xtr0812 y mr
Xtr0812 l mr
Xtr0812 1s
Xtr0812 ha mr
Xtr0812 g mr
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